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What our Customers Think

I wanted to say thank you for your great service, handwritten note, and extra gift. It definitely won't be the last time I shop with you.

Tyler H. ~ Chicago, USA

Happy customer, arrived across the globe in the next business day. Looking forward to purchasing from you guys again, probably another pair of Echizenyas next season.

Stephen L. ~ Melbourne, Australia

I'm not sure who you got to do the packaging, but they definitely didn't half-ass it. I've tried on everything and it all fits great; thanks for your counsel there!

Ritchie M. ~ Sydney, Australia

The customer service has been remarkable... Thanks again for the help and checking in before shipping.

Hank Z. ~ New York City, USA

Appreciate all the support so far. Fit is excellent and my wardrobe has improved a ton. 

Grant W. ~ Chicago, USA

I appreciate the follow ups, you guys are great.

Patrick L. ~ New York City, USA
10 May , 2017
Announcement: Expert Personal eShopper Service

Announcement: Expert Personal eShopper Service

Have you ever tried buying a suit or jacket online? How often do you get...

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10 Mar , 2017
Lalonde's Menswear Guide: Building a Look - How we do it

Lalonde's Menswear Guide: Building a Look - How we do it

Here's a simple gif we put together on the process of building one of our...

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20 Jan , 2017
Pitti Uomo 91

Pitti Uomo 91

In the midst of a hectic buying season, I wanted to share with you a...

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