We've been radio silent for a while so we thought it would be appropriate to re-introduce ourselves. While you haven't heard from us, you might have noticed some recent changes on the website and new content slowly flowing out. Here are things we want to ensure you can expect from us!

What Can You Be Expecting?

1. We're here for you.

From the founding of Blazer for Men (our genesis) LALONDE's has placed a priority in ensuring a personal interaction built into every transaction. Online retail can often feel impersonal and underserviced. We hope to go against the grain by being a knowedgable resource to help you along your purchase, from intial inquiry to after you receive the products, and even into the future.

2. Fit is king.

We understand the headache of waiting for a product only to receive it and have it not fit. Sizing between brands vary and even within brands there are various fits. To ensure you receive the correct size the first time, we will personally measure each garment and work with you to verify sizing with every purchase. 

3. Stock Guarantee.

We've worked hard on our inventory systems to ensure that whatever our stock count indicates is what we actually have in stock. We're confident that when you place your order and receive confirmation, we will have the item. If not, we'll gladly offer a 15% discount on your next purchase.

4. Personalized & Curated For You

Every person's wardrobe is unique and based on their own style and tastes. We call that a 'Visual Signature', and we want to help you achieve yours. We can now provide personal consultations, unique shopping pages curated specifically to you to help you navigate the items on the shop that best suit your needs, and even one-of-a-kind curated looks based on your tastes. Of course, we can't just provide that service to everyone, but that is a perk to building a relationship with us. To find out more, hit us up at service@shoplalondes.com.

"Our mission is to provide discerning men a stylish alternative to the mainstream clothing stores and provide one on one knowledgeable customer service, every time. We want to help you find your visual signature"



As you build your wardrobe, we want to you to use our knowledge, experience and brand mix to help you create the Visual Signature you're aspiring to. Our seasonal lookbooks have been a cornerstone of our messaging, and we hope it serves as inspiration to you as you put together your own outfits. We will continue to explore our brands and roll out new lookbooks, for all occasions, but we're always open to suggestions at service@shoplalondes.com. We've even been known to create personal looks for individual customers, should they need a few ideas with a particular item they have, or are eyeing on the store.