Echizenya is a label under the Eminento company, producing top quality pants in Japan since 1949. The factory is located in the rural town of Matsuura, on Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu, a 6 hour trip from the capital city of Tokyo by plane and car. Employing 100 skilled workers and with a maximum production output of 800 pairs of pants per day, the factory is one of the most efficient of its kind in Japan. Each pair of pants goes through over a 150 fabrication steps, passing through dozens of skilled sets of hands and several proprietary cutting, sewing and assembly machines found nowhere else in the world. 


Here’s a quick overview of some of the proprietary machines and processes that make Echizenya pants uniquely high quality:

This machine presses a curve into the fabric itself, giving your seat shape and comfort from the first wear.

This machine simultaneously combines the three layers of the waistband fabric and interfacing, which gives the pant a crisp look at and below the waistline.

A quirky little machine that changes angles mid stitch to accommodate the split waistband, and prevents unsightly creases at the back of the pant.

Triple thread and extra sturdy shank means the button will never fall off under normal wear, but will also hold on and stay in place better than single thread button machines.

Echizenya thoughtfully special orders YKK zippers that are larger on one side, so that the zipper curves the fly towards the inseam while standing and sitting.



Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the factory were the people. Emblazoned in big bold letters as soon as you walk into the main assembly room is a banner saying『もの言わぬものがもの言うもの作り』which translates to, “We don’t speak for the products, we make products that speak for themselves.” After owning half a dozen pairs and meeting the team behind the scenes and on the factory floor, it’s obvious that there couldn’t be a better motto for this company. 

In a new world where function is stylish, it’s no wonder we were drawn to this obscure little Japanese pant company so many years ago. Every aspect of the pants are thoughtfully designed to be functional above all else. But I suppose we could just let the pants speak for themselves. 

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