Announcement: Expert Personal eShopper Service

Announcement: Expert Personal eShopper Service

Have you ever tried buying a suit or jacket online? How often do you get to speak to someone that is intimately familiar with the product you're interested in and can help ensure you get the best fit possible?

We offer a free service with all of our customers where before we ship out your item, we make sure we send you the right product the first time. We call it Expert Personal eShopping. Here's how it works:

  • We ask you about simple measurements (chest, waist, height, weight)
  • You tell us your body type (slim, barrel chest, standard, etc)
  • You provide a (fully clothed) picture of yourself (or two)
  • You let us know what popular brands you wear so we can cross reference measurements
  • If necessary, we will go through our inventory of hundreds of off the rack garments not available online, and send you only the best exclusive suggestions
  • We can also suggest complimentary items for the look (shirts, ties, pocket squares)

This process ensures you get the right product in the right size, the first time. To find out more, please send us an email to discuss!

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