Lalonde's Menswear Guide: Building a Look - How we do it

Lalonde's Menswear Guide: Building a Look - How we do it

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Here's a simple gif we put together on the process of building one of our menswear looks. Before we jump into picking an outfit, we have to decide where we are going. We chose to test out The Toronto Temperance Society which is kind of a not-so-secret members only cocktail club. We find cocktails always taste better when you get all fancy, but we still want to be comfortable!

Keeping that in mind, here's our step by step guide to building a look:

Step 1) First, we find our hero. This elegant new blazer from Boglioli fits the bill, and should provide plenty of options for pairing. Since we decided to go 'comfortable-sophisticated,' with our look, this flexible jacket will serve us well for both objectives. Jacket can be purchased HERE.

Step 2) To complement the soft construction of the jacket, we chose a soft, yet crisp white ground shirt from Boglioli with unique surface stitch detail. The colour palette remains in the blue family, allowing us to introduce a new complementary colour should we want to in the coming steps. Shirt can be purchased HERE.

Step 3) Deciding to stick with the blue story, but playing up the surface detail on the shirt, this Boglioli tie anchors the busy pattern of the shirt. Even though the tie shows hints of brown up close, we can still introduce a new complementary colour if we'd like. 

Step 4) Our pocket square choice plays on the earthtones from the tie, and introduces a slightly contrasting red hue. This type of 'sprezzatura' detail gives the top half of the outfit a bit of personality, while still remaining true to the overall colour palette. 

Step 5) With the top portion of the outfit complete, we chose these unique fine wool cargo pants from Eleventy. The fabric is dressy, and the flat cargo may scare all but the most adventurous, but overall plays well with the softer appeal of the outfit. Pants can be purchased HERE

Step 6) To finish off the outfit, we pick our shoes, or in this case, boots. These suede chelsea boots from Loake Shoemakers grounds the outfit with a rich earth tone, which is then balanced off with a braided leather and cotton belt for added colour and texture balance. Shoes can be purchased HERE

A bourbon based old fashioned sounds good right about now.

Leave your thoughts below!

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