Wardrobe Inspiration For The Coming Weeks

Looking forward at the next few weeks we’re seeing a trend in the weather. Short days and gloomy weather approaches with a forecast of rainy days and temperatures hovering between 8°C to -5°C. Here are a couple outfit inspirations centered around the temperatures we’re expecting. One for a more formal work environment, the other for a casual work setting.

Casual Work Environment

Casual Work Environment

More Formal Work Environment

More Formal Work Environment

Here are the highlight pieces to think over:


If you don’t have a jacket for the cold you better get to it. Both the Bugatti and Herno jackets displayed are waterproof and windproof, something that is necessary for this time of the year. We’d recommend having something that has a liner or down filling like both these options. It allows you to transition even as it gets into the -10° or colder.

Layering Pieces

Whether it’s a sweater or sport jacket, make sure you have an extra layer on top of your shirt. For the casual work environment look to a pullover sweater or some sort of cardigan for a mid-weight layering piece. In a more formal setting make sure to leave those cotton or linen blend jackets in the wardrobe and go for wool sport jackets. Something more plush like a flannel is great for this time of the year like the Boglioli jacket displayed.


Don’t neglect the accessories, they’re not just another thing to look cool. The gloves and scarves are a practical addition to keeping your extremities warm. With the weather not getting too cold yet, lightweight scarves will still do the trick, no need for the thicker wool or cashmere scarves just yet.


Regardless of work environment, you need a good pair of boots. We’re in a rainy season and snow is quickly approaching, your footwear needs to be able to withstand the elements. The other thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the style you select, chukka, chelsea or another style, they should have the versatility to be worn to work and then casually on the weekends.

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