Your Fall-Winter Accessories

What are the core accessories every man should never be without once the colder months roll around? Here are 4 items you should have to for fall that will transition into winter.


Every morning, you start the car and whether it be the car door or steering wheel, have you noticed the sudden chill? Your hands need gloves. If you find yourself needing to text while on the go or waiting for the GO, the new tech-tipped gloves from Hestra allow you to use your smartphone without ever taking off the gloves.


Jackets, pants and shoes leave one place unprotected from the elements, your head! Don’t go around walking with your hands covering your ears, get a toque. A good toque can round out the outfit, whether it’s complementing the wardrobe or adding a bit of pop.


Scarves aren’t just an accessory for an aesthetic purpose. With cooler weather and chillier winds, the scarf gives your neck warmth and protects from wind. While we’re on the topic, it might be time to ditch the scarf you’ve had for 10 years that has pilling all over and the colour is fading...

Warm Socks

Don’t overlook what socks you’re picking. It’s a crucial barrier between your shoe and your toes. We all know the chill that can make the toes feel like they’re going to fall off. Make sure you have wool socks or thick socks.

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