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Loake 'Lincoln' Suede Tassel Loafer
Every man should own a pair of these for spring and summer. The loafer is a versatile shoe, pairing well with a suit or jeans. Pair this brown tassel loafer with a navy suit or a crisp suit jacket and...
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Loake 1880 Pimlico Brown Suede Chukka Boot
the English shoemaker finally introduced a chukka to the line and we're excited to be able to offer it to you. Named the "Pimlico" this dark brown suede chukka boot is built on top of a dainite sole and goodyear...
Loake 1880 Pimlico Green Suede Chukka Boot
Loake Shoemakers offers a stunning moss green suede chukka for this Fall season. The green suede lends itself to be easily paired with fall colours and fabrics such as wools, cords, and flannels. Made in England, this shoe's construction is...
Loake 1880 Pimlico Black Suede Chukka Boot
A subtle black suede from Loake Shoemakers is definitley a standout piece this Fall. Moving away from your traditional polished leather, the nap of the suede leather keeps the colour subtle yet makes itself extremely versatile. This black suede Pimlico...
Loake 1880 Ealing Navy Suede Split-Toe Shoe
Subtle yet stylish, the navy suede used by Loake 1880 makes this shoe a great compliment no matter the time of year. This Ealing navy suede shoe is a split toe style blucher, a classic style given a modern twist....
Loake 1880 Ealing Dark Brown Suede Split-Toe Shoe
A stylish classic style, the split-toe blucher gets a nice Fall spin from Loake Shoemakers. Using a dark brown suede, this shoe receives a warm tonal revamp. This Ealing model paired with the suede makes for an easy pairing this...
Loake 1880 Eden Mahogany Wingtip Shoe
We don't carry too many classic styles but when we do, we incorporate practical upgrades. This Loake1880 Eden Mahogany Wingtip Shoe doesn't have a traditional leather sole. Instead a rubber Dainite sole makes it wearable in rain and conditions typically...
Loake 1880 Eden Black Wingtip Shoe
A classic wingtip blucher from Loake 1880 is named the Eden. The English shoemakers use a Dainite rubber sole to make it a versatile shoe by being more durabel than traditional single leather soles. Also available Loake 1880 Ealing Dark Brown Suede-Toe...
Loake 1880 Chatsworth Brown Suede Chelsea Boot
Loake's best-selling chelsea is back in brown chocolate suede. Loake 1880's signature chelsea boot, the Chatsworth uses their Jockey last, a wider 'G' fitting. However keeping the profile sleek with a chiseled square-toe. It features a features a rubber studded sole by Dainite...

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