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Echizenya Blue Plaid Pleated Wool Pants
Arguably our most interesting pattern this Fall from Echizenya Pants. The Japanese never cease to impress with unique fabrics, this fabric features small houndstooth like patterns that form a bold blue plaid pattern. This wool blend fabric makes this pants thick...
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Echizenya Brown Cut Corduroy Pants
Echizenya changes a traditional brown corduroy slightly to give a different take to a modern pant. This Japanese pant company specializes in unique fabrics, this additional horizontal cut to them makes for a different texture while retaining the traditional look. The...
$288.00 $173.00
Echizenya Brown Melange Pleated Wool Pants
Yes pleated pants are back, so let us help you make the transition. These brown melange wool pants from Echizenya aren't like your pants from the 80s/90s. They have pleats, but it's a much slimmer fit, a nice balance of...
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Echizenya Green Fine Wale Cord Pants
With a renewed love for corduroy sweeping the menswear landscape, we realize not all men are ready to jump back onboard. To meet both sides, Echizenya uses a fine wale cord for the cord feel but subtle enough pattern that...
$258.00 $154.00
Echizenya Grey Houndstooth Donegal Wool Pants
Fall weather means the donegal patterns come out, but not just in sweaters according to Echizenya. A wool houndstooth pant is given a sharp addition in the form of a donegal addition to make for a sharp contrast. The white...
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