Loake 1880 Chatsworth Brown Suede Chelsea Boot
NOTE: This boot is a stock item, so send us an email at service@shoplalondes.com if your size is not available here, and we'll inform you when they fill in. A classic shoe that should be in any man's wardrobe, the...
Loake 1880 Ealing Navy Suede Split-Toe Shoe
Subtle yet stylish, the navy suede used by Loake 1880 makes this shoe a great compliment no matter the time of year. This Ealing navy suede shoe is a split toe style blucher, a classic style given a modern twist....
Loake 1880 Eden Black Wingtip Shoe
A classic wingtip blucher from Loake 1880 is named the Eden. The English shoemakers use a Dainite rubber sole to make it a versatile shoe by being more durabel than traditional single leather soles. Also available Loake 1880 Ealing Dark Brown Suede-Toe...
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