Tintoria Mattie

Tintoria Mattei Floral Print Flannel Shirt
To keep a lively pattern sustained for this cooler season, we believe florals can still be an integral part of your wardrobe. To climatize the pattern, Tintoria prints it on a light grey flannel, offering a warm fabric that is plush...
Tintoria Mattei Blocked Pattern Print Flannel Shirt
This Tintoria Mattei shirt masks itself well with a blend of patterns masked in blocks. Individually each pattern is quite loud but when minimized and blended, this makes for a great flannel shirt this Fall/Winter season. An added splash of pattern...
Tintoria Mattei Navy Printed Flannel Shirt
Elevate your casual wardrobe with some interesting casual prints that will make your wardrobe more exciting. This tile like print from Tintoria Mattei has a faded mark on it's pattern as though the sands of time has taken it's toll...
Tintoria Mattei Black Paisley Print Shirt
Black is a colour that some men live on and we understand that. We want to offer something to liven that regular black shirt, and Tintoria Mattei does so by adding a paisley print with a dark green tinge. This shirt...

Dress For Your Day

As much as we appreciate the traditional suit (it still has its place in the wardrobe), we’re happy to see guys being able to dress the way they feel most comfortable at the office. Check out a few ideas that may fit the bill for work, but super comfortable.

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