Grab your best friend and hit the road, the rails, the runway, wherever your hearts desire. Pack a lunch and wear something comfortable, because it's time to relax. We've put together a collection of casual looks to inspire your Spring and Summer adventures, with a focus on comfort without forgetting about style.
Circolo Phil Petter Anderson's Stretch Casual LALONDE's
The Getaway Car
Everything S T R E T C H. Jersey shirt, knit cardigan, braided elasticized belt and stretchy jeans. You can feel loosey-goosey but look sharp as a tack. We have the technology, why not use it?
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Gimo's Tumbled Leather Safari Coat Eleventy Suede Sneakers
The Urban Safari
Looks and feels a bit like suede, but this tumbled lambskin leather jacket from Gimo's, made up in a very interesting 'Safari' style, has a natural finish, and will develop a unique patina over time. It's a lightweight, airy leather suitable for people-watching with your mirrorless FujiFilm camera.
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The Moto Social
Scrub the grease off your palms, grab your bucket and fire up the ol' beast. We're heading to the Moto Social. We wanted to give the guy who's not content with plain jane jeans or everybody else's jacket an excuse to go out and ride. It's a simple outfit with fewer moving parts than your '79 CB750, but just as effective. If you're planning to ride, we recommend switching up the boots to something a little more rugged like the Red Wing Iron Rangers.
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Benson Eleventy Goat Suede Leather Bomber LALONDEs
The SoHo House
Relax with some friends and enjoy a game of pool or two with this chic casual look. We wanted a layered look without the bulk, so we kept things light. This supple goat suede and leather jacket from Eleventy is one of the softest and strongest skins, and the linen Benson shirt won't trap the heat.
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The Beach
Orlebar Brown delivers impeccably tailored and effortlessly stylish beach and swim shorts, t-shirts and pool-friendly clothes. Not so much swim shorts, but more 'shorts you can swim in.' You even get a 5 year warranty with each pair.
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Phil Petter Dom Vetro AG Jeans ZESPA Aix En Provence LALONDE's
The City Streets
A slightly cleaner take on the oversize t-shirt look, Phil Petter delivers a crewneck with beautiful drape, available in white, black and grey. The 22 Year destroyed denim from AG Jeans stand in stark contrast to the clean jeans of recent years.
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John Varvatos Collection USA Star LUXE LALONDEs
John Varvatos Collection USA Star LUXE LALONDEs
The Centre Stage
Push the boundaries of convention with layering leather on linen if you dare, but hell, you're a rockstar and can do whatever you damn well please.
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