Some occasions just require you to get decked out.
Some just seek out those occasions more often than others.
Here are a few looks we've assembled for your upcoming
Summer 2017 events and those special occasions.
Eleventy Eton Anderson's LALONDE's
The Spoke Club
Entertain or be entertained in the heat with this playful summer outfit. We wanted to put together an outfit to make us feel great but completely forget about the cold winter months behind us. So we chose this wonderful linen blend jacket in a bright colour, and an unequivocally summer printed shirt and managed to do just that.
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LBM 1911 LUBIAM Made in Italy LALONDE's
The Cocktail Party
When you wear clothes made by people who love making clothes, it's like drinking a finely tuned cocktail. The ingredients aren't slapped together and churned out for speed. The sugar, the bitters, the bourbon and the orange zest are thoughtfully arranged in the glass for you. Put on a jacket by Luigi Bianchi Mantova and you will see what 100 years of making jackets in Italy feels like.
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Do you have sizing questions, or need advice on what to wear?
Drop us an email at service@shoplalondes.com
Bolgioli K Jacket Eleventy Cargo
The Toronto Temperence Society
Sip the best made cocktail you've ever had and feel right at home with this smart social look. We wanted to create a look that maximized comfort, elegance and functionality, so employing fabrics with mechanical stretch as well as being breathable, like with this beautiful Boglioli Wool K Jacket, were top of mind.
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The Destination
Grab your overnight bag and head off to your friends' wedding in the country side. Stay comfortable with the Bugatti Flexcity Knit Blazer and a little whimsical with a floral shirt of your choice.
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Canali Loafer Leather LALONDEs
The Garden Party
Bold with a bit of whimsy describes this look, perfect for an outdoor gathering this summer. Celebrate the season with a bright blue jacket and anchor the boldness with earth tones and finer details.
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The Production
Sometimes you need to strike that balance of fancy and comfortable, which becomes more difficult in the summer. Why not wear a linen blend sportcoat and lightweight cotton chinos? You'll look sharp and feel loose. Perfect for a summer event or a theatre matinée.
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